Laaffic makes a grand debut at SiGMA Asia 2024, leading the trend of SMS marketing

Jun 04, 2024

On June 4, the SiGMA Asia exhibition was held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines. Laaffic, a trusted provider of iGaming industry marketing solutions, was invited to showcase their SMS marketing solutions. Over 3,000 brands and 20,000 industry representatives from around the world gathered to discuss the development trends and mainstream marketing methods in the iGaming industry.

SMS has always held a significant marketing position in the business field due to its wide coverage, high delivery efficiency, good open rates, and cost-effectiveness. According to various industry reports such as Statista, CTIA, Forbes, Crazy Egg, and the Attentive Mobile Consumer Report, there are 5 billion SMS messages sent worldwide every day, with over 91% of customers preferring to receive business texts. Additionally, over 60% of users read SMS messages within 5 minutes, and the average open rate for SMS marketing is close to 98%.
Based on the above, SMS marketing has shown great effectiveness and popularity in the iGaming industry. With nearly 15 years of experience in iGaming industry SMS marketing, Laaffic has become one of the most professional marketing companies in the iGaming industry. By providing professional marketing solutions for iGaming clients, Laaffic ensures maximum success in content delivery, high delivery rates, and conversion rates. In the 2024 SiGMA Asia Awards list, Laaffic stood out in the iGaming industry marketing sector, winning the title of "Best Marketing Solutions Provider of the Year 2024".

At this exhibition, Laaffic's booth is located at D805 on the second floor of the exhibition hall, being one of the largest booths and marking Laaffic's new brand image debut in Manila after a three-month absence from SiGMA EURASIA. With bright and lively brand colors, the Laaffic booth is creatively designed with the theme of "SMS Marketing," exuding a futuristic and aesthetically pleasing design.
In terms of content, Laaffic showcases various modules such as "Why SMS," "Why Laaffic," "Laaffic Outstanding iGaming Industry Marketing Solutions," and "Laaffic Global Partnerships," aiming to illustrate Laaffic's marketing accumulation and advantages in the iGaming industry to clients and partners, conveying the brand concept and value of "SMS drives your brand forward."
Simultaneously, as SMS marketing is about to fully explode in the iGaming industry, Laaffic is inviting global clients and partners to participate in the Agents program and Affiliate Stars program cooperation models. Whether becoming an agent for Laaffic or recommending clients to Laaffic, both will receive generous commission rewards, contributing to mutual business success. Laaffic has already distributed $8 million in commissions to agents and star promoters.
Throughout the event, Laaffic's global customer service team will be available at the booth to serve clients and partners, introducing our leading SMS marketing solutions, showcasing rich customer success stories, and presenting innovative Agents program and Affiliate Stars program business cooperation models.
To celebrate the upcoming 2024 European Championship, Laaffic hosted the "Hot Soccer, Cool Hoops" event on-site, where participants had the chance to win prizes such as Glacier Blue Bluetooth speakers, cool sun-protective clothing, trendy sports water bottles, brand snapback hats, and more, attracting a large audience for interactive engagement. Additionally, exquisite small gifts were prepared for every visitor to the Laaffic booth, spreading good luck and blessings to all.
SiGMA Asia Expo is known as the largest gaming event in Asia, awakening the passion of the iGaming industry with each edition, attracting gaming, payment, operations, marketing, and player professionals from around the world. In the vibrant Manila, the SiGMA Asia Expo once again ignited an entertainment frenzy for iGaming enthusiasts, and Laaffic awaits you at booth D805!

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