Multiple rewards with the highest commission is of 9%

Join us to become a member of Starlink Affiliate. Use exclusive promotional materials and recommend customers to get cash rewards. The minimun cashback ratio of Starlink Affiliate is 5%. Multiple rewards with the highest commission is of 9%.

*Clients, operators, distributors and other forms of partners in China shall not become Star Affiliate.

Get commissions multiple times within the validity period

The advantages of affiliates starlink program

Flexible operation, easy promotion

Without capital investment and any technical services, the time is flexible and controllable. You can participate in the promotion by using mobile phones or computers in your spare time

One time recommendation many times rewards achievement

After a successful recommendation, you can enjoy multiple rebates within the binding period of effective commission when customers make consumption

Laaffic provides great support for the promotion and transformation of activities

New user registration bonus

Customers can receive exclusive benefits by registering the exclusive link you share.

Exquisite promotion materials help you make a quick deal

Make your promotion easy to transform and realize.

Promotion guide

Newcomers can also get started easily.

Starlink affiliate success stories

TAI Nayar

Email marketing specialist

When I first joined Starlink, I had a lot of doubts in my heart, so I forwarded it with the attitude of trying it out, and the customers who used it said it was ok, so I felt relieved to start to promote it vigorously. I mainly made use of the network of people I had accumulated over the years in the field of affiliate marketing to make money and increase my revenue channels. The services of the Laaffic platform are excellent, especially in SMS marketing, even CPA charging customers are willing to cooperate.

Michael Ray

Digital marketing specialist

Since integrating Laaffic's SMS service into our website, our product service system has been improved, providing customers with all-around marketing coverage and improving our customer satisfaction. It is a good case of cooperation.

Orly Martin


In the beginning, I always want to find big deals, but they will not come to my hands. Always pay attention to the expansion of the channels and the accumulation of single customers. Have your own channels to form a good circle. Now I mostly use my community influence to promote Laaffic. I also write related content on relevant industry websites to promote it.

Two steps to win the commission

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