User agreement

Welcome visit the LAAFFIC PTE.LTD. and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "We"or “LAAFFIC”) service website and use our products and services. Before completing the registration procedure, please carefully read and thoroughly understand this Agreement, and choose to accept or not accept this Agreement after confirming that you fully understand it; Once you complete the "Agree to Terms and Register" or otherwise begin to use LAAFFIC Services, you have read and agree to be bound by the terms of this User Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this User Agreement or any of the terms therein, you shall not proceed with further registration procedures.


LAAFFIC prompts you to carefully read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement. The terms requiring your attention will be highlighted in bold or other eye-catching forms.


If you are under 18 years of age, please read the terms of this User Agreement with your legal guardian.


1. Users and accounts

1.1 Users and user behaviors

1.1.1 User (or "You") : refers to the subject who accepts the Agreement, enjoys the services provided by us and performs relevant obligations in accordance with the Agreement, including natural person, legal person, unincorporated organization, etc.

1.1.2 Users shall have full capacity for civil rights and conduct, and provide registration information to us in good faith. The User agrees that the registration information provided by the User is true, accurate, complete, legal and valid. The User shall update the registration information in time if there is any change in the registration information. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate or not detailed, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom. Upon discovery, we have the right to immediately terminate the service of the user and investigate all legal liabilities of the user in using the Services of the Website.

1.1.3 User Information: refers to the information submitted by you through the service after you register an account on the LAAFFIC website, conduct real-name authentication ; User related information collected for providing services to you, such as name, identification information, organization name, contact information, mailing address, etc.

1.1.4 When using our services, you must abide by the laws of the country where you are located and the relevant laws of Singapore, shall not engage in any illegal business activities, be responsible for your own network information security and have the ability to bear the responsibility for information security after access to the network..

1.1.5. When you actually accept the services of LAAFFIC , if there are special provisions on the rights and obligations of our services in the relevant online agreements or other offline service agreements signed between you and LAAFFIC , such special provisions shall apply.

1.2. Account and usage

1.2.1 You understand and agree that, to ensure the security of your account and transactions,LAAFFIC reserves the right to require you to complete the real-name authentication of your LAAFFIC account at any time; At the same time,LAAFFIC may require you to provide more identity data and information for the opening of certain products or services, and do further identity authentication or qualification verification. Your account can only be qualified to use the relevant products or services after passing such authentication and verification.

1.2.2 You shall ensure that the account information provided is true, accurate and effective and that LAAFFIC can contact you through your contact information. If the information is changed, please change your account information in time. If the information and materials you fill in are not true, timely, incomplete or accurate, you will not be able to use the account (fail to register successfully or the account will be frozen or cancelled), or you may suffer losses in the process of accepting our services, and you shall bear the corresponding consequences and responsibilities.

1.2.3 Your account is identified by your account name and password. Please keep your account name and password safe. Any loss caused by leakage of user account and password shall be borne by you. If you find that your account has been stolen, please contact LAAFFIC in a timely and effective way. After LAAFFIC 's confirmation, you have the right to request the suspension of all functions of your account.LAAFFIC is not liable for any loss or operation performed prior to the suspension of the function.

1.2.4 LAAFFIC allows a legal entity to have multiple LAAFFIC accounts (but usually no more than 3), and a LAAFFIC account can only correspond to a unique legal entity (i.e. a real name verified entity). You may not transfer, gift, or have your LAAFFIC account inherited in any way except as required by law or as determined by a legal instrument in force. At the same time, in the event of a qualified transfer, gift or inheritance of LAAFFIC accounts,LAAFFIC reserves the right to require you and/or transferee, or your heirs to provide qualified documentation and follow the operating procedures required by LAAFFIC .

1.2.5 Normally, your LAAFFIC account is the sole identification basis for all your activities on the Website, and each LAAFFIC account can carry out activities independently on the Website. However,LAAFFIC hall have the right, in its sole discretion, to deal uniformly with multiple LAAFFIC accounts owned by the same and/or related legal subject under the following circumstances, including but not limited to:

(1) Multiple LAAFFIC accounts are associated with master accounts and sub-accounts, authorized accounts and authorized accounts, and the accounts are jointly and severally liable to each other in accordance with laws and regulations, this Agreement, terms of LAAFFIC products or other LAAFFIC rules;

(2) Multiple LAAFFIC accounts are the same real name authentication entity, and two or more LAAFFIC accounts are maliciously in arrearage and/or in violation of laws and regulations, this Agreement, terms of LAAFFIC products or other LAAFFIC rules;

(3) Multiple LAAFFIC accounts are bound to the same account for payment, and two or more LAAFFIC accounts are in bad faith in arrearage and/or in violation of laws and regulations, this Agreement, terms o f LAAFFIC products or other LAAFFIC rules;

(4) One or more LAAFFIC accounts have the same registration information, make payments on behalf of multiple LAAFFIC accounts, purchase products or services for the same purpose, or other related circumstances, and there are malicious delinquencies and/or violations of laws and regulations, this Agreement, terms of LAAFFIC products or other LAAFFIC rules, And LAAFFIC, by combining with other relevant evidence, is sufficient to determine that the above LAAFFIC accounts actually belong to the same legal subject or group;

(5) Other circumstances in which LAAFFIC has sufficient reasons to process multiple LAAFFIC accounts.

1.2.6 When registering and using an account name, the user shall not:

(1) It violates the provisions of the Constitution or laws and regulations;

(2) endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, subverting state power or destroying national unity;

(3) those that harm the honour and interests of the State or harm the public interests;

(4) inciting ethnic hated, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

(5) sabotaging the state's religious policies and promoting cult and feudal superstition;

(6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order and undermining social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or inciting crimes;

(8) insulting or defaming others and infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

(9) It contains other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

1.2.7 You acknowledge and agree that, with the authorization or request of relevant government authorities, government regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies or telecom operators have the right to inspect the information content disclosed by users through browsing and require you to modify or delete inappropriate information content. Such inspection and browsing shall not violate the relevant confidentiality principles.

1.2.8 You understand and agree that we have the right to inquire, freeze or deduct users' registration information, funds, transactions and accounts on the Website as required by state organs (including but not limited to public security organs, procuratorates, courts, etc.).


2. Service fees

2.1 You acknowledge and agree that the use of the Products and Services hereunder will be subject to a service fee. All the recharge and consumption you make are the expression of your true intention. We will charge you in accordance with the product rules of this Website. We do not assume any responsibility for this, and we will reserve all legal remedies.

2.2 We will charge service fees according to different service types, and the specific fee standard shall be subject to the page display of the website.

2.3 We can give charge warning to your account balance in advance. In order to avoid suspension or interruption of SDK and API calls, you need to timely supplement the charge in advance. Otherwise, all risks and liabilities caused by insufficient account balance shall be borne by you.

2.4 We have the right to change the fee standard at any time according to business needs, and it will take effect after notifying the user in the way agreed herein. If the user does not agree with the changed fee standard, the user may stop using it after the original recharge service fee is used up. If the user has no objection or continues to recharge, it will be deemed that the user agrees and accepts the changed fee standard.

2.5 We provide the user with the bill for using the Service and issue the invoice according to the bill. If you need to issue an invoice after consuming our products or services, you are required to provide accurate billing information, invoice receiving address and pay billing taxes according to the relevant requirements of our invoice application. We will not be liable for any loss caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by you.

2.6 We can issue the corresponding proforma invoice according to the user's application and consumption. LAAFFIC completes its obligation to deliver the invoice to the User when it sends an email containing the invoice to the User's contact email address.

2.7 After we issue the invoice, if we are required to return the paid amount in accordance with the law or the agreement between the parties or the effective judgment of the court, the user must return the original invoice that has been issued. For the unauthenticated VAT special invoice, the user shall return the original of the joint invoice (including the joint invoice and the joint invoice) in good condition within 360 days (counting from the date of issuing the invoice) and within 7 working days before the expiration. For the authenticated special VAT invoice, the user shall provide the copy of the Information Form of Issuing Special VAT Invoice with Red Letters and the special VAT invoice with official seal issued by the competent tax bureau. LAAFFIC shall have the right to refuse to refund the fee if the User fails to provide the original invoice or materials mentioned above.

2.8 If you reach the credit line and billing agreement with us, you shall still pay off the unpaid fees after you are terminated for unpaid fees, and LAAFFIC reserves the right to require you to charge a late fee at the standard of interest rate of two/ ten thousand as daily unpaid fees, and LAAFFIC reserves the right to pursue legal liability for unpaid fees in the post-paid services.


3.Rights and Obligations

3.1 You acknowledge and agree that all account operations performed by you are an expression of your true intention and have legal effect. All the consequences caused by your misoperation, we will assist you as soon as we receive the information, but we do not assume any responsibility. At the same time,LAAFFIC shall not assume any legal liability for the following matters: (1) Information and data disclosure caused by your own behavior or information and data disclosure caused by third-party fraud; (2) Disclosure of any information or data caused by you informing others of the user password or sharing the registered account with others, or disclosure of other personal information or data not caused by LAAFFIC; (3) Any dispute arising from the use of your Company information by any third party in accordance with the circumstances set forth in this Agreement and Statement by LAAFFIC ; (4) Data leakage not directly caused by LAAFFIC or beyond the scope of LAAFFIC 's prudent and reasonable security; (5) Any consequences caused by force majeure; (6) Other modes of use or exclusions set forth by LAAFFIC in this Agreement and Statement.

3.2 You shall comply with this Agreement and related agreements (see User Behavior Rules for details), carefully read the contents of the Web page, pay fees and assume responsibilities as agreed, failing which, LAAFFIC has the right to stop providing all services or terminate this Agreement.LAAFFIC has the right to immediately stop providing the Services and/or to immediately take other emergency measures without any liability to Users under the following conditions: (1)If LAAFFIC has reason to conclude that the Site or Service content has been tampered with or attacked; (2) Interruption or termination of the services provided by LAAFFIC due to the supplier's communication services (including but not limited to Trojan horse, hacker, cracking or reverse compilation); (3)LAAFFIC receives notice from national regulatory authorities (including but not limited to network security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, industry and Commerce) requiring it to suspend users; (4) After LAAFFIC receives a report from a third party that a user uses LAAFFIC to publish information or content that infringes on others' intellectual property rights, other legitimate rights and interests of others and/or is harmful to social order, social security and public morality,LAAFFIC fails to receive a reply or has reason to judge that it is true; (5)LAAFFIC requires users to perform obligations required by laws and regulations (real-name authentication), and users fail to perform such obligations as required or provide false information; (6) In case of emergency network or content security incidents,LAAFFIC will protect the legitimate rights and interests of users.

3.3 User shall not use LAAFFIC Services to publish information and content in violation of User Behavior Rules, and shall not provide any convenience for others to publish such information (including but not limited to setting urls, BANNER links, etc.), failing which,LAAFFIC has the right to take emergency measures. And terminate this Agreement immediately upon notification.

3.4 You have the right to participate in our activities and enjoy other relevant information and services provided by us in accordance with this Agreement and the relevant rules published by us.

3.5 You are on this website3.5 When you browse or purchase services on this website, we will keep confidential any privacy information involving the real name/name, correspondence address, contact telephone number, email and so on.

3.6 After you register successfully, account information such as user name and password will be generated. You can change the user password according to the provisions of the website. You should be careful to save and use the user name and password. If users find any illegal use of user accounts or security loopholes, please inform us immediately and report to the public security authorities.

3.7 You agree that we have the right to send you order information, promotion activities and other notification information through email, SMS, telephone, system announcement and other forms.

3.8 You shall not lend the account registered on the Website to others for use, otherwise the user shall bear all the liabilities arising therefrom and bear joint and several liabilities with the actual user.

3.9 You agree that we have the right to extract the user's registration information and account information in the background for information verification and evidence preservation, including but not limited to notarization and witness.

3.10 Without affecting the quality of service provided to Users, you expressly agree that LAAFFIC has the right to entrust its obligations hereunder to a third party, or to assign its obligations hereunder to a third party, or to assign its rights hereunder to a third party.

3.11 If LAAFFIC discontinues or terminates the service, you shall still pay the service fee in time, failing which,LAAFFIC has the right to hold you liable for breach of contract according to the agreement between the parties or legal provisions.

3.12 You have acknowledged and agreed that we will serve you wholeheartedly, and we will not accept your unreasonable refund application except for the following reasons:

(1) The service quality declines significantly due to LAAFFIC ;

(2)LAAFFIC is unable to provide the service you choose due to its qualification and other reasons;

(3) You have submitted a written application 30 days in advance and agreed to pay 10% of the remaining amount as liquidated damages and reached a written agreement with us.


4. Legal Declaration and disclaimer

4.1 Ownership of Rights

4.1.1 LAAFFIC's Logo, "LAAFFIC" and other words, graphics and their combinations used to identify LAAFFIC services shall not be displayed, used or otherwise processed by any person in any way (including but not limited to copying, spreading, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading) without LAAFFIC's written authorization. You must not indicate to others that you have the right to display, use, or otherwise

4.1.2 All intellectual property rights of LAAFFIC's products, services, technologies and procedures shall be owned by LAAFFIC or its right holders.

4.1.3 Unless otherwise stated by LAAFFIC ,LAAFFIC has all rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, patents, trade secrets and all other relevant rights) to publish documents and other information (including but not limited to text, graphics, pictures, photos, audio, video, ICONS, colors, layout design, electronic documents) on the website. Without LAAFFIC's written permission, no one may use the Content in any way (including without limitation, monitoring, copying, rebroadcasting, displaying, mirroring, uploading or downloading it through programs or equipment).

4.1.4 We respect intellectual property rights, oppose and crack down on violations of intellectual property rights. If any organization or individual believes that the contents of LAAFFIC 's web page may infringe its legitimate rights and interests, it may submit a written notice of its rights to LAAFFIC .LAAFFIC will reply and deal with the matter within 15 days after receiving the notice from the intellectual property right holder. When the right holder submits the right notice, he shall provide the corresponding identity certificate, ownership certificate and other materials for our verification.

4.2 Disclaimer

4.2.1 You understand and agree that we have the right to change, suspend or terminate part or all of the services according to the overall operation of the Service or the relevant operation norms and rules in view of the particularity of the network service, the adjustment and change of national policies and industry regulations, and the administrative actions of the government, etc. We will notify the user in the form of notice agreed herein.

4.2.2 You understand and agree that, in order to provide users with more perfect services, we have the right to regularly or irregularly overhaul, maintain and upgrade the platform or related equipment that provides the Services. If such circumstances may cause interruption or suspension of the relevant services within a reasonable time, Users agree to waive the responsibility to be held against us in case of loss caused thereby to Users.

4.2.3 You understand and agree that our services are provided in accordance with the current technology and conditions. We will do our best to provide services to users to ensure the continuity and security of services; However, it cannot guarantee that the services provided are flawless, nor can it predict and prevent legal, technical and other risks at any time, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, trojans, hacker attacks, system instability, communication line failure, third-party service defects, government actions and other causes of service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks. Even if there are defects in the services provided by us, the above defects are unavoidable due to the technical level of the industry at that time, which will not be regarded as our breach of contract. Meanwhile, if you suffer any loss of data or information caused by such defects, the user agrees to waive the responsibility of pursuing us.

4.2.4 You understand and agree that we shall not assume any legal responsibility for service interruption or disruption caused by: (1) damage caused by computer viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious programs or hacker attacks; (2) Failure of the user's computer software, system, hardware and communication line; (3) Improper user operation; (4) Users use the Service in a way not authorized by us; (5) Other circumstances beyond control or reasonably foreseeable.

4.2.5 Users upload, provide and publish relevant information, including but not limited to user name, company name, contact and contact information, related links, pictures, information, etc. Such information is provided by users themselves, and users of LAAFFIC shall assume full responsibility for any information provided by them in accordance with the law.

4.2.6 Laaffic PTE.LTD once again warns that you shall abide by the laws of Singapore when using the services of LAAFFIC , shall not endanger network security, and shall not use the services of LAAFFIC to engage in activities that infringe others' reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests.LAAFFIC assumes no responsibility for the purposes and purposes for which you use LAAFFIC 's services.


5. Force majeure

5.1 In case of force majeure which makes the performance of this Agreement unnecessary or impossible, either party may terminate this Agreement and notify the other party in time. This Agreement shall take effect upon the arrival of the notice of termination to the other party. Any loss incurred by both parties shall be borne by each party (neither party shall hold the other liable), and LAAFFIC shall not bear any responsibility for users.

5.2 Force Majeure means any event that is beyond reasonable control, unforeseeable or, even if foreseeable, unavoidable, which prevents, affects or delays the performance of all or part of the obligations of either party hereunder. Such event includes but is not limited to government action, natural disaster, war, strike, hacker attack, computer virus (such as Trojan horse program, worm, etc.), technical adjustment of telecommunication sector or physical failure of telecommunication sector, adjustment of policies and regulations or any other similar event.

5.3 In view of the special nature of the Internet, in order to avoid misunderstanding, it is hereby specified and emphasized that force majeure referred to in this Agreement also includes the following circumstances affecting the normal operation of the Internet:

(1) hacker attack;

(2) Major impact caused by technological adjustment of telecommunication sector;

(3) temporary shutdown of the Internet due to government control;

(4) virus invasion that cannot be avoided by reasonable technical protection;

(5) Termination of Internet services provided by relevant traffic control departments;

(6) Interruption of main telecommunication lines and network blockage;

(7) Any situation affecting the normal operation of the network, including power system failure or restricted power supply;

(8) Adjustment of policies, requirements of regulatory authorities and adjustment of data sources.


6. Dispute Resolution and Application of Law

6.1 The formation, validity, interpretation, performance and dispute resolution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong.

6.2 You and LAAFFIC agree that this Agreement is executed in Singapore. Any dispute arising during the performance of the contract shall be settled through negotiation. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, both parties shall settle the matter by means of litigation with the people's court having jurisdiction at the place where the agreement is signed.

6.3 When users use our Services, users have the right to complain according to the corresponding procedures. When making a claim, the user shall truthfully provide identity proof and relevant materials or information as required by the website for our verification. Users should fully understand that users' complaints are not necessarily allowed. We have the right to decide whether to agree with users' complaints based on relevant facts.

6.4 We may send notices to Users through web announcements, system announcements, e-mails, short messages on mobile phones, or regular mail or mail transmission, and we can trust that the contact information provided by Users is complete, accurate and currently valid. Such notice shall be deemed to have been delivered to the addressee on the date of transmittal. Unless otherwise agreed herein or the method of notification is expressly stipulated in a separate agreement between us and User, the notice sent to us by User shall be delivered through the correspondence address, fax number, E-mail address and other contact information officially published on the Website.

6.5 Our contact address:LAAFFIC PTE.LTD. Legal Affairs 108 KENG LEE ROAD, #03-01, SINGAPORE 219268.

Our contact information: .


7. Others agreement

7.1 User shall be deemed to have fully accepted the Agreement by clicking the "agree" button hereof. User shall confirm once again that he has known and fully understood all contents hereof before clicking the "agree" button hereof.

7.2 This Agreement is written and executed in both Chinese and English. In case of any discrepancy between the two languages, the Chinese language shall prevail.

7.3 Effective Date of this Agreement: February 2, 2024.


User Behavior Rules


These Rules refer to the rules that users (hereinafter collectively referred to as "You") of LAAFFIC PTE.LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "We"or “LAAFFIC”)are required to follow when using LAAFFIC products or services to release information and conduct online activities.


LAAFFIC reserves the right to change these Rules at any time and to publish such changes on its website. If User does not agree to the changes, he/she shall immediately stop using our products or services.LAAFFIC reserves the right to unilaterally determine User's actions and applicable rules and to act accordingly.


Article 1 You shall abide by national laws and regulations and strictly implement the information security management provisions. You may not use any illegal means to access and use LAAFFIC services.


Article 2 You shall not use LAAFFIC service to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as endangering national security, disclosing state secrets, etc. You shall not use LAAFFIC service to produce, consult, copy and disseminate information that violates the Constitution and laws, impedes social security, destroys national unity, destroys national unity, erodes or violence, etc.You shall not use LAAFFIC service to make, consult, copy or disseminate anything, including but not limited to "Nine Forbidden" and "Five Categories".

The "nine prohibitions" refer to the nine information standards that are not allowed to be released:

1. Political news information;

2. Information that endangers national security and social stability;

3. Divulging state secret information;

4. Information that contradicts existing national policies, laws and regulations;

5. Pornographic and obscene information;

6. Information related to feudal superstition;

7. Information about starting gambling;

8. False or invalid information;

9. Information that damages social morality and infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others.


The "Big Five", the five categories of information that are strictly prohibited:

1. Committing fraud or extorting public or private property in the name of false information;

2. Disseminating obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, murderous or terrorist content or information that ABETS crimes or teaches criminal methods;

3. Illegally selling guns, ammunition, explosives, contraband vehicles, drugs, ecstasy, obscene materials, counterfeit banknotes, counterfeit invoices, or information that is knowingly stolen from crimes;

4, publish fake lottery, fake matchmaking, fake recruitment, or lure or introduce others to prostitution and whoring information;

5. Repeatedly send information that interferes with the normal life of others, and contains other information that violates the prohibitive provisions of the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations.


Article 3 All types of prohibited information shall include but not limited to:


1. Politics:

1.1 Release information that is reactionary, undermines national unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity, undermines social stability, involves state secrets, disturbs social order, propagates cult superstition, propagates religion and racial discrimination, or books, audiovisual products, videos, documents and materials that are prohibited by laws and regulations;

Information that includes but is not limited to the following contents: 1) Information that incites subversion of state power, damages national unity, damages sovereignty and territorial integrity, and damages social stability; 2) Information involving state secrets and disturbing social order; 3) Attacking national religious policies, advocating superstition, and promoting religious and racial discrimination; 4) Contents prohibited by laws and regulations from publication and distribution; 5) Spreading rumors for major emergencies; 6) Insulting revolutionary martyrs and distorting Party history, national history and military history; 7) Fabricate rumors, slander and smear Party and state leaders.


2. Prohibited Commodities:

2.1 Release transaction information containing fireworks and firecrackers;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) fireworks, firecrackers, firecrackers (including fireworks, wrestling, etc.); 2) Cold fireworks, colored smoke, etc.; 3) Military (military) exercise smoke, fire drill smoke, ship distress signal, parachute distress signal, etc.

2.2 Release transaction information containing forged/altered documents, certificates, certificates, official seals and security labels issued by state organs or specific institutions, which are illegal or only limited to state organs or specific institutions to provide services;

Information that includes but is not limited to the following illegal contents: 1) forging and altering documents, certificates and certificates issued by state organs or specific institutions; 2) Seals with legal effect, such as contract seal, financial seal and invoice seal; 3) Counterfeit money; 4) Bank cards, credit cards, medical insurance cards, securities cards and provident fund cards issued or undertaken by banks; 5) Services that are illegal or only available to state organs or specific institutions, such as loan services, investment and financing services, securities services, credit card cashing services, domain name filing services, etc.

2.3 Release transaction information containing bills issued for use or reimbursement;

Including but not limited to the following illegal contents of the information: still usable or reimbursable bills, such as train tickets, invoices, etc.

2.4 Release personal privacy information and internal data of the enterprise; Provide transaction information of personal mobile phone location, telephone list inquiry, bank account inquiry and other services;

Including but not limited to the following information: 1) Personal data: list of trainees of various training or courses, personal household registration file certificate information, vehicle registration driver's license information, banking information, mobile phone list, personal email forum information, personal consumption records, personal resume, etc.; 2) Information of special groups: statistical list of consumer groups, information of shareholders, talent database, etc.; 3) Privacy information inquiry service.

2.5 Release transaction information related to cheating interference;

Including but not limited to the following information :1) answers to national examinations, etc.; 2) Take the test for you, take the test for you, write for you, etc.; 3) Some tools for cheating, etc.

2.6 Release transaction information that may be used to evade traffic control;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information :1) anti-electronic eye photography license plate frame, such as flip type, hidden type, hidden type, folding type, with lock license plate frame; 2) Change number plate number stickers; 3) Fake license plates; 4) License plate invisible spray, etc.; 5) Horse runners and other cheating tools; 6) Car signal jammer, car key decoder, etc.

2.7 Release transaction information including lock picking tools, lock picking services and related tutorials and books;

Information that includes but is not limited to the following violations :1) universal lock picking tools, quick opening tools and other lock picking tools; 2) Unlocking services and unlocking tutorials and books.

2.8 Release transaction information related to the pseudo-base station;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content of information: pseudo base station equipment.

2.9 Release trade information containing endangered animals and plants;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: ivory, tiger, rhino horn, pangolin.


3. Illegal activities:

3.1 Release information containing illegal pyramid schemes;

Including but not limited to the following illegal contents of the information: the court, public security organs, etc. recognized as illegal pyramid selling information.

3.2 Release information containing illegal fund-raising;

Information that includes but is not limited to the following illegal contents :1) Information that is recognized as illegal fund-raising by courts and public security organs; 2) Information about illegal fund-raising through various means (such as online loans).

3.3 Release information containing network employment (for illegal events);

Including but not limited to the following illegal content of the information: online hire criminals, online hire debt collectors, etc.

3.4 Release information containing human trafficking;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content of information: abducting women, children, etc.

3.5 Release transaction information containing human organs or services provided by specific institutions;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information :1) human placenta, kidney, liver, cornea, etc.; 2) Overseas surrogacy intermediary services and fetal identification services.

3.6 Release trade information containing tobacco;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information:panda, Yellow Crane Tower, etc.

3.7 Release trading information containing prohibited cars;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content of the information: illegal vehicles, smuggling vehicles, vehicles detained by the customs, licensing vehicles, etc.


4. Fraud and infringement information:

4.1 Release information including fraud winning, phishing websites, illegal cash out, speculation, etc.;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) website links to prompt false information about winning prizes;2) Counterfeiting legitimate websites and using similar URLs to steal user related information; 3) Establishing a high return P2P investment platform to induce citizen to invest huge amounts of capital and ultimately lose everything.

4.2 Release online game information related to plug-in and private service;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information :1) Game plug-in: plug-in programs, software and clients, plug-in cards, etc.; 2) Private server related: private server erection service, private server program, private server website, private server source code, private server and space, etc.

4.3 Publishing infringes on citizens' portrait rights and privacy; Infringe upon the reputation right information of citizens, legal persons or other organizations, infringe upon copyright information; Information of trademark infringement; Information of patent infringement; Fake (fake) website information.

Information that includes but is not limited to the following illegal contents :1) Obtaining citizens' personal electronic information by other illegal means, selling or illegally providing citizens' personal electronic information to others; 2) degrading the personality of citizens or damaging the reputation of citizens, legal persons or other organizations by means of language, writing or cartoons; 3) Publishing his/her work on the Internet without the permission of the copyright owner (unit); Distorting, altering and publishing works of others (units) on the Internet; 4) Using the same or similar trademark with the registered trademark on the website or web page without the permission of the registrant of the trademark (unit); 5) Without permission, use others' patent knowledge, forge or fabricate others' patent certificates and patent documents on the website or web page, and publish them on the website or web page; 6) Fake Party and government organs, schools and banks to engage in fraudulent activities.


5. Erotic:

5.1 Release audiovisual products and videos containing pornographic and obscene content; Sex chat, prostitution, escort services; Adult website forums and other information;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information :1) pornographic audio and video products, video; 2) Sex chat services; 3) Accounts, links, invitation codes, etc. of adult websites and forums. 4) Video and pictures of gate incident.

5.2 Release the trading information of oral or external aphrodisiac commodities that can cause others to temporarily lose the ability to resist and become confused;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content of information: the release of gold fly water, silver fly water and other oral aphrodisiac supplies.

5.3 Release software that contains pornographic information; Pornographic, vulgar content of audio-visual products and other information;

Information that includes but is not limited to the following contents :1) Software that spreads pornographic information; 2) Audio and video products containing pornographic, violent and vulgar contents; 3) Tertiary films.

5.4 Release information of cartoons, games, books and pictures containing erotic and vulgar contents;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) contain pornographic and vulgar content of anime, novels, magazines; 2) Games with erotic and vulgar content; 3) Pornographic pictures, body art, photo and duplicate.


6. Prohibited Chemical Categories:

6.1 Release transaction information of drugs, raw materials and chemicals for drug production;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) drugs; 2) Drug test paper; Materials such as drugs extraction or production techniques, technical books and other materials published informally; 3) Precursor chemicals, etc.

6.2 Release trading information of highly toxic chemicals;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: arsenic, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, including relevant ingredients.

6.3 Release the trading information of dangerous chemicals (except highly toxic chemicals) prohibited from sale in the national list;

Including but not limited to the following violation content information :1) highly corrosive chemicals: such as sodium hydroxide; 2) Flammable and explosive chemicals: such as ammonia; 3) Toxic chemicals, etc.

6.4 Release psychotropic, narcotic, toxic, radioactive, stimulant, hormone and addictive drugs; The State publicizes the trading information of the drugs that have been investigated and whose production or use is prohibited by the drug Administration;

Including but not limited to the following illegal contents :1) psychotropic, narcotic, toxic, radioactive, stimulant drugs; 2) Drugs whose production has been investigated and investigated by the State or whose production has been prohibited by the drug administration; 3) Addictive drugs.

6.5 Release the trading information of inflammable and explosive goods (except fireworks and firecrackers) and related chemical categories;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: inflammable and explosive materials, grenades, bombs, gunpowder, etc.

6.6 Release the trading information of related tutorials and books that introduce the methods of making flammable and explosive products;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: the tutorial or book contains information about the professor making inflammable and explosive materials.


7. Gambling:

7.1 Release information containing gambling trading platforms;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) lottery, gambling, gambling trading platform information; 2) Illegal opening of online color selling websites by private individuals or organizations; Develop real-time online video gambling and sports gambling websites; Disguised gambling through board and card games; Gambling through Alipay, WeChat and other payment tools..

7.2 Release information on illegal gambling devices;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) slot machines, gambling machines and other gaming machines with gambling nature and related cheating equipment; 2) Remote control dice, perspective poker and other gambling equipment; 3) Lottery, private lottery and other gambling related information; 4) Information about online gambling services such as game currency recovery.


8. Contraband Software:

8.1 Release trade information containing firearms, ammunition, ammunition and imitation products;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: 1) Guns, ammunition, ammunition and imitation products including all kinds of harmful air guns, starting guns with the function of firing bullets, fire guns, ammunition, anesthesia injection guns, such as desert Eagle, rifle, etc.; 2) Real aircraft products, including missiles, rockets, hydrogen bombs, fighter jets, tanks, aircraft carriers, etc.

8.2 Release the trading information of firearms, ammunition, armaments related equipment, accessories and accessory products;

Including but not limited to the following violations: 1) guns, ammunition, ammunition related equipment and accessories: bullets, ammunition magazines, scopes, seamless steel pipes, accessories of anesthesia guns, anesthesia needles, anesthesia blowpipes, etc.; 2) Guns, ammunition, accessory products of ammunition: gun bags, bullet bags, etc.

8.3 Release transaction information containing police and military uniforms, logos, equipment and products;

Including but not limited to the following violations: 1) military and police uniforms and accessories: military and police uniforms, police dog vests, police badges, police ties, police qualification badges, police epaulets, police armbands, police chest tags, police name tags, police belts, police boots, police reflective vests, etc.; 2) Military and police equipment and products: Police law enforcement recorder, military police telescope, large hanging national emblem, military emblem, police emblem, military police walkie-talkie, military police cordon, police light box, military police patrol car, police blocking equipment, lane horn, military police vehicle license, metal handcuffs, leg irons, thumb handcuffs, hand tape, interrogation chair, net gun, riot shield, police flashlight, military police flash lights, etc.

8.4 Release control devices that may temporarily cause another person to lose the ability to resist and cause serious bodily injury to another person;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information: crossbows for adult use, defibrillators.

8.5 Release trading information containing controlled knives, crossbow accessories and controlled devices used to endanger the personal safety of others;

Including but not limited to the following violations: 1) ultra-long knives with blades longer than 10cm (including 10cm); 2) Knives with blood slots; 3) Self-locking folding tool that can be fixed by spring or clamp lock after the tool body is unfolded; 4) Tibetan knife, waist knife, boot knife, saber knife; 5) Non-spring swinging stick.

8.6 Release transaction information containing software and equipment used for monitoring or stealing privacy or secrets;

Information that includes but is not limited to the following violations :1) Software and equipment used for monitoring or stealing privacy or secrets, such as "mobile phone monitoring card", telephone "bug", "eavesdropping device"; 2) Wireless or invisible headphones, cheating headphones, rubber receivers and other cheating devices; 3) Contact perspective glasses; 4) Trojan horse, virus, broiler and computer vulnerability information, which will seriously affect the computer security of network users goods or information; 5) Intrusion tools and forced entry software; 6) Using software to steal users' chat tools and steal others' privacy software or devices.

8.7 Release transaction information of equipment used for illegal camera, recording, forensics and other purposes;

Including but not limited to the following illegal content information :1) With the camera function, highly concealed disguised stealthy-taking goods or information, such as smoke sensor type, watch type, pen type, lighter type, glasses type, key chain type, bird watching ceremony, U disk type and other disguised stealthy-taking goods; 2) Camouflage monitoring goods or information with monitoring function and concealment, such as partition monitor, row plug type, car charging type and other camouflage monitoring goods; 3) anti-cat eye peeping equipment; 4) Illegal key loggers and software.


9. Other information that violates the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations.


Article 3 You shall not use LAAFFIC service to engage in the following activities that endanger or attempt to endanger the security of computer systems and information networks:

1. Accessing computers and information networks or using computer and information network resources without permission; Deleting, modifying or adding functions of computers or information networks without permission;

2. Monitoring data or traffic of computers and information networks without permission;

3. Monitoring or spying on computers and information networks without permission, and damaging or destroying the monitored or spying computer systems and information networks;

4. Without permission, send a large number of communication requests to the target, so that the target cannot reply to normal communication, or make the target reply too slow and ineffective;

Circumvent any usage restrictions set on the System (e.g., access and storage restrictions) manually or electronically without permission;

5. Without permission, changes or attempts to change the system configuration provided by LAAFFIC or damages the system security;

6. Without permission, using LAAFFIC services to provide any way for the domestic to obtain illegal information abroad without network censorship or through technical means;

7. Destroy or interfere with the normal operation of the computer and information network (such as: deliberately overload the system with mail bomb, news bomb, broadcast attack or overflow technology);

8. Falsifying the source, such as the title of an E-mail, or the part of a document that describes its source or path, but does not include the use of aliases or anonymous forwarding of mail;

9. Intentionally making and spreading computer viruses and other destructive programs;

10. Other activities that endanger the security of computer systems and information networks.


Article 4 You shall not misuse E-mail or other messages: You shall not spread, publish, send or help send unsolicited mass e-mails or other messages, promotional information, advertisements or requests, including commercial advertisements and information notices. Do not change or mask the subject line of a message or assume the identity of the sender without the express permission of the sender.


Article 5 Users shall voluntarily perform and assume the following responsibilities:

1. The user shall be responsible for the safety condition of its system and carry out regular inspection;

2. Publicize the laws and regulations related to the use of the Internet to the staff;

3. Establish and improve user files, and strengthen user management and education; A sound network security management method.


Article 6 You undertake to comply with all applicable economic and trade sanctions and export control laws and regulations, including all sanctions resolutions, laws and regulations and export control laws and regulations enacted and enforced by the Security Council of the United Nations, Singapore, the United States and any other country (" Export Control Laws "). You promise that you will not use our products or services for purposes prohibited by export control laws. You will not, through our products or services, provide controlled technology, software or services to persons or entities sanctioned or designated by export control laws, or in any way cause us to violate applicable export control laws, without the permission of the relevant authority.


Article 7 In order to maintain a clean network and the legitimate rights and interests of users, LAAFFIC shall have the right to take necessary measures against violations of these Rules or abuse of LAAFFIC products and services. Necessary measures include but are not limited to: blocking illegal content in products; Prohibit the release of illegal content; Freeze the user's account so that they cannot use all LAAFFIC products. At the same time, LAAFFIC reserves the right to pursue civil or criminal liability for any user who violates the Agreement, and has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement at its option. If LAAFFIC takes such measures, LAAFFIC shall not be deemed to be in breach of contract and shall not be liable for any such action.


Article 8 User shall abide by the confidentiality agreement and perform the confidentiality obligation for the indivisible business information, computer programs, design techniques, ideas, know-how, processes, data, business and product development plans, customer information related to business and other confidential information created by the performance of this Agreement. No matter in what form or in what carrier the above information and data are contained, no matter whether the disclosing party indicates its confidentiality orally, graphically or in writing at the time of disclosure.


Article 9 LAAFFIC PTE.LTD. may report any activity suspected of violating laws and regulations to the relevant administrative authorities, judicial authorities, law enforcement authorities, regulatory authorities or other appropriate third parties. LAAFFIC's complaint may disclose appropriate customer information. LAAFFIC may cooperate with relevant administrative authorities, judicial authorities, law enforcement authorities, regulatory authorities or other appropriate third parties to provide network and system information and your content related to suspected violations of these Rules or laws and regulations or violations of the rights and interests of third parties to assist in the investigation and pursuit of violations. All expenses and losses incurred by LAAFFIC due to its cooperation with state authorities in investigation, evidence collection and disposal, including but not limited to profit loss and goodwill loss caused by the investigation or cooperation with disposal, shall be borne by you.

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