Optimized authentication at every touchpoint of customer journey

Prevent fraud

Use up‑to‑date intelligence on phone numbers to detect potentially fraudulent transactions.

Multiple authentication channels

In addition to SMS and Voice (TTS), authentication can be accomplished over WhatsApp, email and Silent Authentication, allowing you to authenticate your end‑users where they prefer.


Empower your clients to tailor the failover sequence to other channels, and generate and manage their own PINs.

Trusted user verification with a delightful user experience

Global user aucentication is hard, Laaffic makes it easy.

Signup authentication

Make the identity verification process simple and quick,.Verify user identities through SMS/Voice/Email authentication to establish trust, reduce fraud, and increase conversion rates.

Login protection

Protect against account takeover and password theft by requesting user verification at login.

Secure transactions

Validate users in real time so you can confidently authorize high-value online transactions.

Account management

Assist users in quickly and securely updating and restoring their accounts, including password resets, device changes, user reactivations, and more, improving retention rates.

Elevate your business authentication solution with Laaffic

Proven quality and scale

Our globally distributed direct to carrier network and intelligent routing ensures highest SMS delivery and lowest latency for your calls.

Quick and easy integrations

Our easily programmable API integrates effortlessly into existing business workflows.

Enhanced customer engagement

Our 24x7 premium support and a consultative customer success team, provide you with all the technical guidance and industry expertise you need, when you need it.


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